Robotime Rokr Marble Night City
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Robotime Rokr Marble Night City

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🏙️ Step into the Future with Robotime Rokr Marble Night City! 🏙️

🔧 Discover the excitement of the Robotime Rokr Marble Night City, a futuristic marble run that blends the marvels of modern technology with the timeless joy of DIY assembly. Perfect for enthusiasts aged 14 and up, Robotime Rokr Marble Night City offers a challenging yet rewarding building experience.

Robotime Rokr Marble Night City

🌟 Key Features of Robotime Rokr Marble Night City

Static Ball Storage Module: This unique marble run features multiple tracks and a static ball storage module. Rotate the handle, and watch as the steel balls cycle endlessly along the intricate paths.

Marble Night City Story: Inspired by the concept of “future technology,” this marble run showcases a mechanical structure that highlights the beauty of order and motion. The high-grade gray-black wood grain, achieved through a dip dyeing process and metal screen printing, adds a metallic texture and a profound future style. The addition of high permeability acrylic materials creates a “suspended” track effect, enhancing the model’s transparency and expressiveness.

Precision Engineering: Utilizing traditional mortise and tenon technology and gear transmission, this model operates without electricity. The intricate design stimulates brainstorming and provides a hands-on way to appreciate precision engineering.

Robotime Rokr Marble Night City Robotime Rokr Marble Night City Robotime Rokr Marble Night City Robotime Rokr Marble Night City Robotime Rokr Marble Night City

📐 Specifications of Robotime Rokr Marble Night City

  • Items Included: Plywood, Steel ball, Acrylic board
  • Number of Pieces: 294
  • Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆☆
  • Assembly Time: About 7 hours
  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • Assembled Size: 325214228mm
  • Package Size: 31723348mm

🚀 Connecting Tracks

Expand your marble run adventure by connecting the Marble Night City with the Marble Spaceport using the Marble Run Link Pack (sold separately). This pack includes transmission shafts, connecting tracks, base connectors, blue breathing lights, and a synchronous drive belt. Control the lighting with a touch switch for a seamless and dynamic experience.

💡 Light Instructions

  • Touch Once: Power on the models and illuminate the flowing light.
  • Touch Again: Change to a constant light.
  • Long Touch: Power off.

🔍 FAQs

The Steel Ball Fell Off the Spiral Track

  • Ensure all four slots are correctly assembled on top of the spiral track.
  • Follow Step 23 in the instruction book to correctly position Part b.
  • Polish any thorns on the inner ring of the spiral track with sandpaper.

The Steel Ball Gets Stuck on the Long Track

  • Ensure all track slots are properly pressed into place.

🛠️ Details of Robotime Rokr Marble Night City

Funnel-Style Track: The balls spin down with accelerated speed, creating a tornado effect.

Suspended Track: Innovatively designed to change the direction of rolling balls.

Acrylic Board: Enhances the transparency of the model and prevents balls from falling off.

Ball Storage Device: Provides a stationary contrast to the dynamic rolling balls.

Metallic Ink Printing: Adds a sleek metallic texture to the model.

Wood-Dying Technique: Creates a tactile dark grey surface, adding to the model’s aesthetic appeal.

🔧 Operating Instructions

Step 1: Remove the wooden pieces and follow the instructions to assemble the model.

Step 2: Rotate the handle to set the steel balls in motion.

Step 3: Watch the steel balls roll endlessly along the tracks.

📚 Raw Materials & Technology

  • High Precision Laser Cutting: Ensures all parts fit together perfectly with a process error controlled within 5um.
  • Durable Basswood: Sourced from the high latitude northern cold zone, this strong and durable wood features a fine and uniform grain, layered texture, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

🧠 Exercise Your Brain

Engage in a hands-on activity that enhances logical thinking and fine motor skills. This model-building process encourages patience and meticulousness, providing a tremendous sense of accomplishment once completed. Proudly display your creation and share it with friends and family.

🎁 A Great Gift and Worthy of Display

The Robotime Rokr Marble Night City makes an unforgettable gift for someone special or a stunning piece of home decor. Its intricate design and fascinating mechanics are sure to be cherished forever.

🏆 Rewarding Assembly

Though the assembly requires patience and concentration, the final result is immensely rewarding. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating a functional and visually striking marble run model.

Embark on your futuristic adventure today with the Robotime Rokr Marble Night City and experience the joy of endless rolling action!

🌠 Additional Features

Customizable Tracks: Get creative by adjusting and customizing the tracks to alter the path of the steel balls, adding a personal touch to your marble run.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Constructed from sustainably sourced basswood, the Marble Night City is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly, ensuring you can enjoy your hobby guilt-free.

Educational Value: Perfect for STEM learning, this marble run offers a practical demonstration of physics principles such as gravity, momentum, and kinetic energy. It’s a fun way to inspire young engineers and scientists.

Community and Support: Join the online community of Rokr enthusiasts where you can share tips, showcase your completed models, and get support for any assembly issues.

Maintenance Tips: To keep your Marble Night City in top condition, regularly check the tightness of all joints and apply a light wax to the moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Embark on your futuristic adventure today with the Robotime Rokr Marble Night City and experience the joy of endless rolling action!

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